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Look who's talking now...  28 June 2012

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) in Ontario has teamed up with BrowseAloud to provide an online text-to-speech solution to ensure that its website is accessible to all online visitors.

BrowseAloud provides online reading support and assists those individuals who experience literacy challenges, learning difficulties such as dyslexia, mild visual impairments or who speak English or French as a second language.

The software reads website content aloud and highlights each word as it is spoken, providing an audio-visual reinforcement for the end user. In addition to its core functionality, BrowseAloud also provides a dual-colour highlighting and text magnification tool, a talking dictionary, a translator, a screen masking feature and MP3 maker.

"WSPS is committed to putting health and safety solutions within reach of every employer and employee in Ontario. Ensuring that the information and resources on our website are accessible to all users is critical step in the fulfilment of this promise," says Elizabeth Mills, President & CEO, WSPS.

In Canada, 15% of the overall population has some form of dyslexia, and 27% require online reading support. The integration of BrowseAloud makes the WSPS website accessible to this audience and ensures an equal level of service to all users.

The software is free of charge to the end user and requires a one-step download through the BrowseAloud site. To discover the benefits of this assistive technology visit the 'Downloads' page at Alternatively, call 877-778 -6977 or email Samantha Corr at for more information.

Click here to visit the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services Website



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